As Founder, Master Instructor and President of the Cheol Gwon Hapkido Federation I offer you a warm welcome.
Our Martial Arts Academy’s are teaching a highly effective Hapkido system entirely applicable in our current “tough” society.

Cheol Gwon Hapkido is not a competitive sport, but highly sophisticated and effective self defense system by accredited instructors.
Cheol Gwon Hapkido is translated as Iron Fist Hapkido.
Hap-Ki-Do means the Way of Coordinated Power. This carefully developed system’s has a strong focus on fist fighting combined with kicks, locks and throws, trying to coordinate and control the forces which appear in a fight and end this fight as quick as possible.

Personally i think this last word “DO”,( the way) is the most interesting.
How long is that road? And it where does it lead to is for every student different. It all depends on the commitment of the student. Are you looking for a sport with a lot of competition is the choice for Cheol Gwon Hapkido inappropriate. Even people who are looking for a martial art to misbehave as effective as possible are not at the right address.

Cheol Gwon Hapkido is founded on no nonsense dynamic Korean Martial Arts techniques which are blended with the highly effective close combat techniques of Jeet Kune Do, developed by the great master Bruce Lee.
Traditional Hapkido styles have a strong influence with Aikido, with his round and circular motions (soft style). Our style is the opposite of this and can be stated as being a direct and hard style.

Through a sophisticated educational system you are able to defend yourself against all types of attacks on the street. The techniques in Cheol Gwon Hapkido are so efficient that you do not have a super condition for practicing. This makes it an interesting choice for adults even at elder age.

Once the basics and technical aspects are dealt, Cheol Gwon Hapkido allows the student to connect the best working elements for themselves for further development.
The lessons are based on technique, coordination, emotion, effectiveness, eastern philosophy and mutual respect.
Cheol Gwon Hapkido uses fairly simple fighting techniques to be learned by anyone and fit everyone’s needs and limitations. The training will ensure that your physical condition and stamina come to a higher level. It also reduces stress and improves your coordination and balance.

People looking for structure and want to enrich themselves with knowledge from Korean martial arts will feel at home at our Martial Arts Academy‘s practicing Cheol Gwon Hapkido.

Cheol Gwon Hapkido training helps you to discover your inner strength and helps you develop a healthy mental and physical balance.
Martial Arts Academy Iron Fist is having international connections and is a member of Martial Arts Association International and the Cheol Gwon Hapkido Federation.

Kwanjangnim Isaac W.A. Sinke
Master Instructor Martial Arts Academy Iron Fist
President of the Cheol Gwon Hapkido Federation